(… in alphabetical order)

Aakhil a.k.a. Khilius (Bass Guitar)

Instagram: @khilius.music

I am from the beautiful island of Mauritius. By profession, I am a security Analyst by day and Khilius the Bass-man by night!

I was always interested in Music and one day back in high school in Mauritius, the music teacher offered to give us guitar lessons. I signed up and never looked back. 

I was tired of playing on my own, so I was looking for a band to play with. Checked out Kijiji where Dearian has placed an ad. Reached out and the rest is history!

I have been playing with this band for over a year now and I absolutely love it. I am the base player but I also play leads. I love jamming to old tunes!! 

DesiRootz, It is our little family. Amazing people, great vibe, wonderful artists each in their own right. We are kids from different parts of the world coming together to create magic.

Davinder, the Powerhouse (Lead Male Vocals)

Instagram: @davindersingh098 Facebook: Davinder Singh

Powerhouse, as he is one person who hardly requires mic to project his amazing vocals. He is the band’s Lead Male vocalist. He is not only an amazing singer, but an outstanding songwriter who has written many Punjabi songs. His flair for music is innate which one can see and feel the moment he comes on stage!! He is an integral part of DR and the band cherishes his presence. 

Dearian Seeparsad a.k.a. The Prof (Lead Guitar/Keyboard)

Instagram: @dearianos Facebook: Dearian Seeparsad

My name is Dearian Seepersad.

I’m a Music Teacher, Performer, and Composer. For the last 5 years, I’ve been performing all over the GTA, including: festivals; pride, multi-cultural shows, afro-fest, private functions, restaurants, bars, and producing my local show while producing tracks for local Toronto artists. This year, I’m building my independent music school from my home studio. (Big Project!)

Too often, I hear about beginner students’ horror stories about learning in the classical vein or the lack of purpose in general lesson plans. My focus is to create a unique lesson plan for each student to maximize efficiency while incorporating my teaching style into the plan. I incorporate musical expressions, techniques, and theory into each lesson while taking what we’ve learnt and reworking it into something original. Composition being the ultimate goal; as we learn a lot quicker by thinking for ourselves.

There are no limitations, I’ve taught and performed in many genres: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Blues, Hip-hop, Gospel, Fusion, the list goes on…

So who am I?

I’m a 24 year old musician who’s extremely passionate about ALL music.

  • Completed 3 years at Mohawk College Applied Music program.
  • 5 years teaching experience. (Includes leading band rehearsal and performances
  • Developed and promoted shows
  • Constantly studying the scripts of the great classical composers.

As the band members would say, I am the one who keeps everyone in check. My basement is my studio and a place where the band meets and creates music. 

Gaurav Aggarwal a.k.a. G.Rav (Rhythm Guitar)

Instagram: @G.rav.music

My guitar’s name is Meera and yes she wears a scarf as decoration. Initially, I started learning guitar while watching YouTube videos and then that one chord struck my heart, and I started taking actual lessons with Dearian 2 years ago.

Both Dearian and I had this idea of putting a simple band together and by miracle, our band DesiRootz started in November of 2018 with just a guitar, bass and a singer. Slowly but surely, we crossed paths with right talents and here we are more than 2 years later.

For me, truly, it’s been a wild ride and a big learning experience, from band management, music arrangement, live sound engineer, marketing and coordinating gigs, I love it all!!!!

In the last few months, I have been busy learning the sound engineering portion of the music and it has been an amazing journey. In my free time, I love to sing and strum my guitar and just be lost in the rhythm. I love songwriting as well and have been quite busy with that on our YouTube channel. 

Himaani a.k.a. The Bee (Lead Female Vocals)

Instagram: Himaanibee Facebook: Himaani

I am Himaani and this is my story…

Born and raised in the beautiful valleys of Doon in the state of Uttarakhand, I was magically taken to the abyss of music of fine music and dance by my mother Mrs. Madhuri Thapliyal Bahuguna who herself being a music teacher laid down the foundation of Sargam for me. 

It was her dedication and hardwork that I gained knowledge in the North Indian Classical music but also Kathak dance which I continue to learn to this date.

I am an avid lover of Old Nostalgic tunes of Indian Cinema- be it semi classical pieces of Sahir Ludhianavi or Khayaam, or Ghazals of Gulzar, be it the 50’s singer Gita Dutt’s sultry song list or Asha Bhosle and R.D. Burman’s ultra modern tunes, be it Lata Mangeshkar’s sweet as honey songs or Noorjehan’s heavy, bold voice, be it Rafi’s romance or Kishore Da’s yodeling, Shaan’s Jab se Tere Naina or Toshi’s Kabira- I LOVE TO SING THEM ALL

In addition, I love languages. I have learnt songs in Mandarin, Cantonese, Swahili, Marathi and Tamil aside, English!

My second home – Stage with Mic

I love the butterflies that tickle my tummy just before I hit the stage. I love the feeling of anxiety and then Euphoria when I am just about to go on stage!! To stand on stage and belt out my favorite tunes of yester artists, is what I love to do. 


I was introduced to Dearian by luck through my sister. He was looking for a backing vocalist and I was just fresh off work! I needed something new to do, so I went to meet Dearian, where I also met Sudesh, Davinder, Raj, Shakkthi and Gaurav. The rest is history!!
The first song that I remember we did together was Aaye Meherbaan. I sang that song on the track for several years but to sing with DesiRootz is something else!! I love the way the guitars strums and the percussion sounds when we sing it the DesiRootz way!!! 

Overtime, the band increased and Aakhil and Sanket joined in too. 

Anytime we practice, I am there. I love being part of this close knit family. I love when they challenge me to sing something totally different that is out of the blue.

The guys are absolutely amazing. All of us are so different yet tied with the single thread of musical passion. 

Sanket the Beatmaker (Drums)

Instagram: sanketjariwala1

Originally from Bombay, India, I moved to Canada in the September of 2011.

A self taught drummer, I started out beating telephone directories of different widths, with broken radio antennas for drumsticks; after a motorcycle accident forced him to stay in for a few months.

At the grand old age of 23, I finally purchased my first real drum-kit and started to force my neighbors to listen to quality music (whether they liked it or not!)

I have primarily played rock and roll, and my journey into DesiRootz has been very fulfilling especially musically. Being able to play Indian rhythms that are different from classic rock, has been challenging and rewarding at the same time.

At 44 in 2021, and as the oldest member of the band, I have always spoken about how grateful I am for this opportunity to play with the band and how the band is not just a band – as we proudly announce it anytime… We Are Family!

DesiRootz makes me young again, and by my own admission…. keep me feeling youthful 🙂

Not to forget, I also play with a 3 piece prog rock band named The Nuclear House Band.

Shakkthi a.k.a. ShakkthiMaan (Tabla)

Instagram: @mrsivaa

Sivaa is the youngest member of the band and the one who gives the song much needed Hindustani Classical touch- tabla. He learnt Tabla growing up in Toronto. Be it Teentaal or Dadara, he is the boss who the band relies upon. Sivaa is young, fun and a much needed boost of youthfulness that the band requires. 

Sudesh a.k.a. Triple S (Drums/Bass/Percussion)

Instagram: @_sudeshs

As my bandmates will say… I am ridiculously talented and versatile in the field of rhythm and beats. Well, it is partly true!!! Whether it be on percussions (Drums, Octopads, Tabla, Dholak, Cajon) or on the Bass and Keyboard, I can definitely get the crowd moving. The big reason without a doubt is my background. Coming from the Indo-Caribbean family, I was blessed with the warmth and the groove of the Islands. I am very much involved with the community. DesiRootz is my home away from home. However, I am also the bassist for the Wave Band, led by Mr. Omesh Singh, and also a major part of Akashvani Rhythms, a band focused on the promotion of up and coming talents in the GTA. With my musical background, I can proudly say that I have keen ears that are attuned to every beat of the band. I can listen to a song once and will play beat by beat. I am down to earth am proud to say that I am one of the pillars that DesiRootz stands on.